DIY Video : How to build a small Homemade Internal Combustion Engine that charges a 12 volt battery at 15 watts .No Machining required..


    This 6 part Video series will show you how to build a mini Internal Combustion Engine at home using mostly scrap metal and without any shop machining required.The first video explains some basic stuff about the IC engine,2nd video goes over fabricating the cylinder head from some 2mm copper sheet and a brass compression fitting nut for the spark plug to thread into.The 3rd and 4th part talks about casting a piston out of epoxy putty and building the cylinder out of 3/4 inch copper pipe and other copper sheet scrapes.The 5th part put finishing touches on the cylinder,soldering the head on and making the crank seal and the last part shows running of the finished engine charging a 12 volt battery at 15 watts.

    Watch the build series of the Homemade Internal Combustion Engine