DIY Video : How to build a homemade Rocket Stove thermal mass heater from start to finish


    This video series shows the build of a Rocket Stove Thermal Mass heater. I used metal pipe and my MIG welder. It’s designed for my garage and won’t be used on a full time basis.The pipe is insulated to hold the heat in the flue gases to help the smoke by-products to ignite. The smoke has to be extremely hot in order to burn off. Sand would make the stove very heavy and doesn’t insulate as well as Vermiculite or Pearlite.I used the elbow to allow a smooth flow of air up into the vertical stack, a T fitting will disrupt airflow and create strange turbulents.The exhaust goes through the aluminum loops (and is cooled to 120 F) it goes through the wall and up a 12 foot tall chimney mounted on the outside of the building. The top of that is capped with the rotating flue cap. The 12′ vertical chimney does increase draft and the flow through the system

    Watch the DIY Rocket Stove thermal mass heater Build Videos