DIY Video : How to build a simple Homemade Mini Metal Melting Furnace using an old 60L oil drum


    This video shows the build of a simple furnace that is powered by a homemade waste oil burner and easily and simply constructed from an old 60L oil drum.This furnace is suitable for melting Aluminum Soda cans, Scrap casting and other parts to be cast into other objects. Because of the high heating power of waste oil, The metal can be melted in as little as 5 minutes and ready to pour as an aluminum casting.The furnace uses no refractory for insulation or other expensive materials. The burner is easy to construct and is shown here running on used vegetable oil but will also happily run on waste engine oil, diesel or any other fuel.This furnace is very cheap and easy to make and is ideally suited to those that just want to cast the occasional part and do not want to invest in proper refractory or build a complete furnace.

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