DIY Video : How to build a small Homemade Water Wheel Generator for emergency off the grid Power


    This video shows you how to build a small water wheel generator for powering a off grid home.It is made as a unit that can be sat down on the bank of the stream and have water directed on to it vie a pipe. it is capable of about 400 watts if there is enough water to push it that hard.There is 15m of head, about one 3rd of the water from a small stream will be diverted down a pipe fall 15m and spin this wheel. and then once its energy has been used it will go back in to the stream. the stream flows at different rates depending on rainfall but during wet periods there is A LOT of water and 15m of head, so at least 400W can be achieved at about 60% efficiency during wet periods (winter) and much less over summer but we will need more in the winter anyway.

    Watch the Homemade Water Wheel Generator Build Video