DIY Video : How to make a Homemade 50 Liter Silent Air Compressor from start to finish. Step by step Video tutorial

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    The air compressor is a very handy tool in the workshop, but the noise that the motor makes when the air tank fills up is a problem, so if you don’t need a big compressor or if you have a small workshop at home like me, a small silent compressor can solve the problem.I found a used 50l air receiver in good condition and two used fridge compressors 1 and 1.5hp.The first video begins with checking whether the tank can hold the pressure and next job is about cleaning the tank and removing any rust formed.The base is made from 3mm thick steel plate and 4mm thick steel angle profile.The second video is all about making the adapters for the air filters.

    Watch the DIY 50 Liter Silent Air Compressor Build Videos