Easy DIY Video : How to make inexpensive Graphene Supercapacitors at home from simple materials.Fast Charging and Long Lasting !


    This video shows you how to build a DIY Graphene Supercapacitor at home using simple materials available around your house.These are quick charging and long lasting than ordinary electrochemical batteries that is found in many industrial and commercial applications.The materials needed are Angstron Materials N008-N Graphene Powder,1 Gallon 85% Food Grade Phosphoric Acid Rust Remover Clean Etch Metal,Marineland Black Diamond Premium Activated Carbon,Generic 12″ Hand Impulse Sealer Heat Seal Machine Poly Sealing Free Element Grip and 2 Large 8″ X 50′ Vacuum Sealer Rolls Commercial Grade Vacuum Sealer Bags.

    Watch the DIY Graphene Supercapacitors at home build process