How to recycle scrap metal in the backyard by building a simple Mini Metal Foundry from start to finish


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    This video shows you how to recycle scrap metal in the backyard, with a homemade, Mini Metal Foundry.Depending on where you get, or find, your materials the cost can range anywhere from $5-$25 per unit. With the materials I used, I was able to make 2 units for under $40 ($20 each).

    Even on the high end, this is probably one of the cheapest, reliable, backyard foundries that can be made.I used mine to melt soda cans, and extract the aluminum for future metal casting projects. All the soda cans came from a local recycling depot.

    The materials you need for this project are a mini metal foundry,Discarded metal cans,Barbeque briquettes,A crucible,A 1-inch steel pipe,Hair dryer,A pair of steel tongs,PVC pipe and a few 1-inch couplings.

    The steps mentioned in the video are :

    Take the foundry and fill the bottom with one layer of barbeque briquettes. When five or so briquettes are evenly spaced and added to the bottom, add a crucible. This is where the cans will be placed for faster melting.Now connect a 1-inch steel pipe through the air supply hole of the foundry.Take the air dryer and stick it with the PVC pipe using some of the couplings and a ton of duct tape so that there is no space left for the hot air to get out.

    When placing the air dryer, put it at an elevated position with the steel pipe so that you don’t have to hold onto to it during the entire time the metal melts. This also lengthens the lifespan of the foundry walls.Now fill the foundry put till the top with the briquettes and light them up however way you like. Now turn on the hair dryer to “slow” setting for steady and even heating. Now put the lid on top of the foundry pit.

    When the steel crucible starts to glow orange, remove the lid using the tongs. Be very careful not to burn yourself while doing this.Now just keep adding the cans and watch them being turned into liquid. Usually, it will take around 40 standard cans to produce one pound of aluminum.

    After all of the aluminum is melted, carefully remove the crucible using the tongs and pour all of it in a steel casing. The gunk will stay behind and the liquid aluminum will come out.You can either keep the liquid aluminum in those casings or pour them in another casing. After they are comparatively cool, pick them up using the tongs and pour them in cold water.After this is done, cool the crucible and clean it out thoroughly for future use.

    Watch the Homemade Mini Metal Foundry  Build


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