DIY Video : How to Recycle Used thrown away Soda/Pop Cans by building a Homemade Backyard Mini Foundry. Also works as a Rocket Stove too…..


This video shows the build a of a simple Micro DIY Foundry/Forge Made with only 5 cans. This multi-use furnace/stove can be charcoal or wood fired and can be used with or without the fan (for cooking).This works similar to a standard rocket stove when not using a blower/fan. For the crucible i used a small steel soup can cut in half and a tomato paste can. the all “steel-can” construction handles the hi-temps.This mini metal-melter melts aluminum in minutes. I melted 7-8 cans plus a handful of aluminum foil (don’t bother with the aluminum foil. a handful of it only melts down to a few drops). and finally make sure that the aluminum you add is completely dry.

Watch the DIY Homemade Pop/Soda Can Foundry build Video