Easy DIY Video : How to build a Simple and Effective Homemade Air Purifier for $20 that works as well (or better) than expensive purifiers


    This video shows a Simple “box fan” Conversion Homemade Air Purification System.This will remove up to 97% of all pollen, dust, mold, bacteria, smoke, smog… the list is almost endless.This works as well (or better) than expensive systems costing $800-$2500,I used a “merv 4” dust filter and a merv 8 dust/allergen filter. (they go as high as merv 13+ for smoke and smog removal.).The dust filter alone removed all of the visible dust from several rooms in my home in only 20 mins.The approx cost: $1 to $20 (depending on whether you have a box fan already).Note that most newer fans don’t have brushes in them so it doesn’t matter if the fan motor has to work a little harder.

    Watch this simple DIY Homemade Air Purification System box fan Conversion Video