Easy DIY Video : How to build the simplest Homemade Water Distiller for $20. Produces lots of pure drinking water fast !


    This simple DIY project is all about making a Homemade Water Distiller for nearly $20.This Stove Top “pure water” Still is great for purifying dirty or salt water.This can be powered by stove, rocket stove campfire, parabolic dish etc.Do not use a plastic collection vessel – it will melt/warp (not to mention BPA).Remember not to touch the copper pipe. it gets super hot. finally, the bigger the glass jar that you use – the larger amount of water vapor you can collect (at a given time). Also, don’t try to seal it. some water vapor needs to escape or high pressure would build up very fast.Great for everyday use or SHTF/emergency situation

    Watch this Simple and cheap homemade water distiller DIY video