Easy DIY Video : How to make a simple Homemade Multi-Use Solar Air Heater that warms,drys,dehydrates,defrosts,de-ices,pasteurize etc…


    This is a simple DIY project on building a cheapHomemade Solar Air Heater that will warm, dry, defrost, de-ice, dehydrate etc .This heater will be perfect for drying/dehydrating foods, great for drying homemade biofuel biscuits/briquettes,turns snow into water (drinking water in a pinch) and more . This is made from 5 items – box, glass, paint, computer fan and small solar panel.Raises temperature about 70F! .Lining the bottom of box with black plastic will help protect heater from any water, ice or snow. note that the fan and solar panel are optional if warm air (outside the box) is not needed.

    Watch this easy to make multi-use Solar Air Heater DIY Video