Easy DIY Video : How to make a simple Homemade “Straw Style” Water Filter System


    This video shows how to make a Homemade “Straw Style” Water Filter.This Straw Style Water Filter is small, lightweight and powerful. good to have when hiking/camping and ideal for in a SHTF/Emergency situation .This is 95-99% effective at removing many common disease/cancer causing water contaminants ,also is excellent for purifying rain (or tap) water.The items needed are : poultry baster, coffee filters, cotton balls (optional) and activated carbon.All items found at dollar store – except the activated carbon ($6.00 at walmart). The filter should last for years with regular maintenance. The activated carbon is rated to last 5 1/2 months (24 weeks) if used continuously. Change cotton/coffee filters as needed.

    Watch the DIY Homemade “Straw Style” Water Filter System  Video