How to build a Homemade 18 inch Drum Sander from an Old Lathe and treadmill motors…………

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    This video series shows the build of an 18 inch Homemade Drum Sander made from old lathe and treadmill motors.The frame is constructed out of two by fours, that are just glued and screwed together.The drum is made out of MDF disc glued together.I have a 1 HP, 1750 rpm motor for the drum. The motor came from an old lathe I had sitting around that I wasn’t using.The whole table is supported by 4 half inch threaded rods. I have 4 nuts embedded into the bottom of the table at each corner. I also have 4 ball bearings at the bottom of the threaded rods and 4 bushings at the top.The conveyor motor is a DC treadmill motor that I found on Craigslist.The Conveyor table is made out of 2 pieces of 3/4” baltic birch plywood.


    Watch the DIY Homemade 18 inch Drum Sander Build series