How to build a Homemade 2 way Log Splitter from Start to finish – Step by step Build Series


    This video series shows step by step the build of a homemade 18 ton Two way log splitter, 4″x22″x2.25″ hydraulic cylinder, 62″ i-beam, 9 hp Briggs & Stratton L-Head engine from a roto-tiller.Pump is a Haldex 16/4 gpm dual stage pump. Running 3/4″ hoses, 2.25″ rod in a 4″ cylinder.The cost of Beam was $100 and motor was $125.Tank holds about 4 gallons of hydraulic fluid.You need some welding experience to build this project. I used a Harbor Freight Mig 171 welder, running around 100-120 amps.There is test video added that shows the splitter in action

    Watch the enitre DIY Homemade 2 way Log Splitter  Build series