How to build a Homemade Garden Pond with waterfall feature from Start to finish


    This Video shows step by step on how to build a backyard above ground pond with waterfall/filter for less than $400.The materials need for this project are 12 – 3x4x8 landscape timbers,4 – 18″ angle iron,1 – Pond liner 10×13 ,6 – 1x6x6 Fence boards,18 – 8×16 landscape pavers,17 – Decorative pavers,Pond pump ,Filter media – Bio media – activated carbon, Plastic planter box ,2′ of 3/4″ pvc plus a couple connectors and about 7′ of 1/2″ tubing.It only took me a couple of days to build, it was really easy

    Watch the DIY Homemade Backyard Above ground Pond Build Video