How to build a Homemade Propane powered Foundry Furnace from start to finish

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    This video series shows step by step on how to make your own Homemade aluminium melting Metal Foundry Furnace.The drum started out as a 15 gallon. The body was cut down to 17 inches and the top/lid to 4 inches. I found my drum at a BMW dealer service station. Just go into any franchise big name service dealer and chances are they will give it to you instead of throwing it out. Dealers buy their oils in bulk drums so they always have empty drums ready for the trash or recycle. Regular cement will not hold up to the temperatures. I use refractory cement specially designed to withhold the temps. It is mixed with very little water. The refractory cement can be found online if you google it. Try to find a local vendor as it is heavy and expensive to ship.

    Watch the DIY Homemade  Foundry Furnace Build Series