How to build a simple 10 X 14 Greenhouse from scratch – Step by step Video Tutorial


    This Four part Video series shows how you can build your 10 X 14 Greenhouse from start to finish. This greenhouse will be partially built with recycled items as well as new material and will be perfect for the mild climates.In the first part, I will be installing the footers, which is THE most important part of any building project. I will go over the basics of finding square, leveling, and using a transit level.In the second part, I will walk you through the design and construction of the skeleton frame for the hoop house.In the third video I’ll go over the wood support framing for the front and back walls, design, and layout, and flooring.In the last part,we’ll talk about UV Plastic and I’ll show you the installation process.

    Watch the DIY 10 X 14 Greenhouse Build series from start to finish