DIY Video : How to build a Simple Battery Backup Power Station for Off Grid Living

This video shows the build of a simple battery backup power station that will provide emergency power when the lights go out.If you’re ever faced with living off the grid, a simple system like this could mean the difference between success and failure. Someday you may find yourself in the dark. Having a backup power station could dramatically increase your comfort level .This is a simple setup that is just as easy to get up and running. It’s a great solution for anyone that is interested in having a backup power source the event of a blackout. It’s always better to be prepared for situations like these.

The materials you need for this project are Three Batteries – We used three 245 amp golf cart batteries.Battery Posts – Two posts per battery if needed.Six Short #4 Wires – To connect each battery together.Two Long #4 Wires – To connect the mother battery to the inverter.Inverter – We used a 2,500-watt inverter.Two Fuses – To prevent the power station from overheating the wires.

Watch the Homemade emergency Battery Backup Power Station Build