DIY Video : How to build a Simple Off Grid Homemade Water Heater System that runs on Free Fuel


    This video shows the setup of a water heater from an old gas hot water service and converted it to run on waste oil instead of gas.This heater setup has fast heat up and can be set to keep pace with the demands of a normal shower hot water requirement.The system could easily be set up in an off grid or prepper type location as it only needs a small amount of 12V power to supply the car blower I used here. The burner runs on any waste oil and is gravity fed without the need for Nozzles, pumps or compressors.As well as providing Domestic hot water, the output can also be used in a home heating system.It could also be used for an outdoor shower, to heat water for animal troughs, to heat a spa or small swimming pool or other uses to replace gas or electric how water heating

    Watch the DIY Homemade Free Hot Water Heater setup Video