How to build a Survival Crystal Radio from free Junk that requires no batteries ….Step by step Video Instructions


    Having any kind of radio is important in a survival situation. If SHTF some people will take to the airwaves to keep people in the loop and probably to offer help. So building a radio that doesn’t rely on batteries or power could give you the edge. Knowing how to make these radios could be knowledge you could trade or barter with.This video shows step by step on how to build a tunable crystal radio.This is a radio that gets its power from the radio waves. I made it almost entirely from junk except for the diode (1N34 germanium diode) and the earpiece (though you can use a speaker from a phone instead.) The capacitor is made from aluminum foil and a paper towel roll. The coil is rolled on a toilet paper roll. The wire is enameled magnet wire. For the antenna I use a 15 foot wire laid out on the floor. For the earth ground I connect a wire to the ground in the household wiring

    Watch the DIY Step by step Survival Crystal Radio Build Video