How to build an Earth generator Power Plant thats big enough to power your home power needs

This video shows how to build a Ground Battery System big enough to power some of your home power needs.This will give half a volt per cell and 30 milli Amps.This is a simple system that can be scaled up to fit any size home.

All of the materials used in the building of this power plant can be found at home, since most of them are just leftover from other projects. You do not even need to buy them new, apart from the copper bridge that is.

The materials needed for the build are Zinc pipes,Iron gas pipes, and don’t worry if it is corroded,An insulator, like a piece of wood,Duct tape,Copper wire,Extension cord,a meter.This is an inexpensive and easy way to generate electricity during times of short circuits or even during storms when the power goes out.

The basic steps mentioned in the video :
Arrange one zinc pipe and one iron gas pipe together, with the strip of wood in the middle. Make sure that they are not touching at any point, by using a broad wooden strip. Once it is assorted, take them up tightly using some duct tape. You will need at least five such assortments.

You will also need to fill up the ground, where you will build the power plant, and let it saturate over the course of the night.Now put the assorted pipes vertically on the ground at approximately five feet distance from each other in a straight line.Now you have to join the placed pipes in series by using copper wire. Remember, that in this cell, unlike most cells, there is only one anode and one cathode.

Hook up the meter using an extension cord to one of the last cells in the series, particularly to the iron pipe. You can detach the copper connector and check the voltage before you proceed. Now you have to keep doing this for all of the cells, by disconnecting the copper bridge. Remember to put back the bridges after you are done. If you see that the voltage is not increasing as you move up, you may want to clear away rocks underneath or check the connection again.

Now connect back the bridges and check the total voltage output using the meter, and you’re done!.Of course, there may be some loss of voltage due to a number of reasons like the quality of the soil, the corrosion on the pipes and so on, but usually when the Galvanic effect starts to act on the system, then it is possible that the total voltage output will increase.

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