How to build an Inexpensive Homemade Mini Fridge that cools upto 40 F using a thermoelectric device and an Old Computer Supply


    This Video series shows how to build a Liquid Cooled Peltier (TEC) Refrigerator that cools upto 40 F using a peltier chip and a computer power supply which is used as a 12V Power Sources.In this second Video, I will show you the cabinet that I built for the fridge and how the peltier assembly attaches to it and how I insulated the cabinet. Everything in this video except the clasps on the door were scraps I had laying around.In this third Video, I test the cooling power of this 5 amp peltier chip on my newly constructed fridge box.In the final video,I test out a 10 amp peltier chip to see if I hit my goal of 40 degrees F.

    Watch the DIY  Liquid Cooled Peltier  Homemade Mini Fridge Build Video