How to build your own homemade Portable Solar Generator

In this video tutorial, we are going to show you how you can make your very own homemade portable solar generator. This type of generator is easy to make and it’s best suited for running electronics that have very low energy needs.

The more solar panels you have to hook up to this generator, the more power you are going to be able to generate from it. The beauty of this design is that it will work no matter how many solar panels you have to use. Even if you have one solar panel, it will still work, although it will only power very small devices. Likewise, you can add more solar panels as you go without having to change too much with the generator.

The basic materials needed for this build are Power Center Box – This will be used to house the battery and all the connections that lead to the solar panels and the adapters that you will connect your electronics too

,A Battery – A car battery or something similar will do. The battery will store the energy that is collected from the solar panels.Battery Cables – You will use the cables to connect the battery and power center box to the solar panels.

A Charge Controller – The charge controller will connect to the battery, the solar panels, and the front of the power center box,Solar Panels – The number of solar panels you use are optional. The more solar panels you use, the more powerful your solar generator will be.

Cigarette Lighter – You can use the cigarette lighter to connect many small electrons that are designed to be used in your car such as a charger or small lights and fans.

Anderson Poll Connectors – You can use Anderson Poll Connectors to bypass the solar energy and use the energy stored from the battery directly.Anderson Poll to Cigarette Lighter Adapter – This will allow you to use the generator at night. You can connect your electronics through the cigarette lighter and use the energy stored in the battery.

The basic steps outlined in the video :

Building the solar generator is very straightforward. The first thing you need to do is to find a power center box will be able to case the battery that you will be using. The ideal power center box should have the proper amount of space for the battery, wires, and ports for the Anderson poll connectors and cigarette lighter adapters.

If you are missing any of these, you can cut out holes and install them yourself. This is a homemade generator, remember. It is not going to look perfect.

Next, it is time to connect everything together. The charge controller is the link between each of the different components in this generator. Run your cable from the solar panels to the charge controller, run cables from the charge controller to the battery, and run cables from the charge controller to the front to your Anderson pole connector ports.
Once everything is connected, point your solar panels to the sun and your battery will begin charging. Plug in a small device to ensure that your generator is working.

A portable solar generator like this is a great little device to have around. While it doesn’t produce a lot of power, it’s good for running electronics that use low levels of power, such as radios, fans, lights and it will even trickle charge your phone.

   Watch how to build a  homemade Portable Solar Generator from  start to finish