How to build your own Homemade DIY Survival Trike from an Old Chainsaw motor and Scrap Bicycle parts


    This video series shows you how to build a homemade  Trike from almost free junk.You need an Old chainsaw motor, here i use an old Mcculloch chainsaw motor,some PVC’s and a old bicycle (20 inch bmx).In the first video I disassemble a Mcculloch chainsaw , which is the motor I used on my trike. Also begin building my trike frame , and begin mounting the motor on the trike.In the second part , I build the clutch and sprocket assembly. I also mount the motor and build a throttle assembly..I also build the rear axle, tires, and test fire the motor.In the third part, i start with it fully assembled and mocked up…I then tear it down, paint it, and reassemble for the final time

    Watch the DIY Survival Trike from an Old Chainsaw motor,Scrap Bicycle parts