How to build your own Ultimate Towable Homemade backhoe from Free Junk

    JT Kansas

    This video series shows the overview build of a Towable Homemade backhoe.The backhoe easily walks itself around the work site with the bucket and boom. Since it’s not wheel driven it’s nearly impossible to get it stuck and it will get into those tight spots without tearing up the grass or making big ruts.The backhoe has a 11’8″ reach compared to the Trenchermans 8′ reach, nearly 50% more reach! The hoe dumps at over 6’6″, high enough to load most trucks while the Trencherman dumps at a height of only 3’6″. The backhoe not only has the extra reach, it has the extra power to tackle those tough jobs. I had a lot of free metal drops and engine and hydraulic tank to reuse.Building a Ground Hawg yourself can save you thousands over the cost of buying a commercially built machine. You’ll not only save on the build up of the machine, you’ll save on repair and maintenance cost over the life of the machine

    Watch the DIY Homemade backhoe Build Video series