How to get Gold from Scrap Computer parts that you can find at the junkyard

These series of videos shows how to easily Refine and Smelt Gold from Computer Memory Chips. In the first video I’m recovering Gold from computer Memory Chips (RAM).
The Part 2 video on how to take the gold from computer chips and refine it to a more pure metal and smelt it.In Part 3 video, I’m doing a purity test on the gold I recovered from the computer memory chips.If you follow this process, you will be able to convert all of your old and outdated computer chips into pure gold that you can turn around and sell for money. It’s a great way to salvage your old electronics and get some value out of them.

The materials you need for this project are Computer Chips – To extract gold from.Safety Goggles, Respirators, and Gloves – Stay safe when you are handling the chemicals.Glass Rod for Stirring – Glass will not alter the chemical composition of the acids, which is why we use it.Hotplate – To heat the chemicals as needed.Containers – Plastic containers to use for filtering.Coffee Filters – Used to filter the gold.Chemicals such as Muriatic Acid,Hydrogen Peroxide,Urea,Sodium Metabisulfate,Nitric Acid,Distilled Water.

Watch the Gold extracting process from Scrap Computer parts