How to Heat your Home without Electricity by building a Rocket Heater from scratch .Step by step build instructions

This Video series shows the build and the installation of a Rocket Heater Wood Stove which can used to efficiently and cheaply heat your home.This is build using an Old Water tank .

The principle behind this stove is that the smoke/heat take the path of least resistance which is up the larger diameter riser (taller portion of the J tube) and out the venting pipe. In doing so a vacuum is created which pulls air into the smaller lower opening of the J tube creating a high velocity airflow which supplies more oxygen to the fire thus creating much higher temperatures resulting in a very efficient burn of the wood which leaves minimal waste (unburnt wood) resulting in minimal amounts of ash leftover and a very clean burn.

The basic steps outlined in the video :

Lay the metal (of almost 1 foot duct) along your floor. Fasten a-ninety-degree nudge at all the ends for developing two tubes, facing upward.Connect another straight duct to your nudge or elbow, and it must be away from a tip. It is one of the chambers for combustion.

Put your metal pipe at the remaining space of the channel. However, there must be some space or gap space between the duct system and upward nudge. Let the elbow be attached with the installed duct system, and it must continue up to the vent.

Create a cob platform near combustion site, where the barrel may be positioned. Leave some gap in this cob so that air may flow into the exhaust channel from the top portion, while you have placed the barrel on your bigger pipe.Close the remaining part, and put the barrel at the mid-section of exposed duct. There is a need of small hole under your barrel so that the smoke may get to the tube.

Push the tube to your cob under it by making a seal. Support this seal using an extra cob, surrounding the lip of the barrel. Wrap up the rest of the dust system to the shape or height that you prefer. The radiator channel is intended for looping upward in order to develop more space for heating.

Install an exhaust top or lid, at the vented and open end for preventing the access of dust and rain to the tube. Place your wood to the fireplace. Ensure that there is no leakage in this system.

Watch the DIY Homemade Rocket Heater Wood Stove Build Video Series