DIY Video : How to setup a Wood Powered Bug out Vehicle that run on wood,trash, grass and even cow manure


This video shows the setup of an ultimate Bug-Out truck it can run on wood, trash, grass and even cow manure. It also still functions on gasoline. This truck is set up to run a large generator on wood when the truck is not in use.This system can be easily shut down like any other wood stove just close the air intake and the gas output pipes and the stove chocks off like any other.Thistruck get’s about 1.6-1.8 mpp (mile’s per pound) of juniper wood this may increase with a longer burning hard wood.So let’s say a cord of juniper weigh’s 2000 pound’s (just a guess) then I would get 3400-3600 miles on a cord of wood.

Watch the DIY Wood Powered Bug out Vehicle Video