Simple DIY Video : How to make Homemade biomass briquettes for fueling a rocket or wood stove .Use leaves/grass/weeds or paper !!


    This Easy DIY video shows how to make biomass briquettes (or biscuits) for fueling a rocket or wood stove. (using leaves, grass, weeds or paper) and water. easy to make “biofuel” .Just grind/shred material and shape it into a briquette or “biscuit” using a homemade “tin can press”.Let dry in the sun. once fully dry they burn great. they often burn with a lot less smoke than firewood (if they are allowed to fully dry) because the moisture content in them can be as low as 4% (regular firewood can be as high as 65%). less moisture equals less smoke. can also be made with straw, hay, sawdust, corn husk, rice husk, ground nut shells…

    Watch this DIY video on making a biofuel for your Rocket or Wood Stove