How to build an Waste Oil or Used Vegetable Oil Candle from Old Nail Polish Bottle

This project goes into the build of a simple and inexpensive waste oil/ used vegetable oil candle from an old nail polish bottle. You can burn motor oil , vegetable oil, olive oil or you can also use lamp oil in these types of candles.


The first thing your need for this oil candle is a reservoir to hold the oil in. Here we use a fingernail polish bottle. Next, a length of 100% cotton yarn is needed that is slightly longer than the length of the bottle. Another requirement is a one-inch square piece of aluminum foil.



Take the bottle, clean it completely and fill it with your source of fuel like veg oil, waste motor oil, corn oil, and olive oil. When you are pouring the oil, you don’t want to go all the way up to the top of the bottle. Leave a small amount of space at the top of the bottle.



Take the aluminum foil and fold it length-wise in half . Puncture a small hole in the middle of the foil. Through this hole, the cotton wick is pushed through.

Lower the wick into the bottle and fold the aluminum foil around the neck of the bottle. This acts as a lid. Make sure that everything is folded down nicely and tight around the bottle.



Check the candle and see if this wick is wet. And if it is not, turn it upside down for a minute. The oil will then come into this wick and saturate it. Be careful that your aluminum foil doesn’t fall off. If your cotton wick is a little bit longer, pull it up a little bit. This exposes the wet part of the wick. Take your scissors and cut the wick down just a little.

Light the candle . When you first go to light them it takes a minute because you have to get everything warmed up. Let it burn a little bit. Make sure to not use a thick layer of aluminum foil for the lid. The aluminum foil will heat up and cause problems.

Image Credits : JIUJITSU2000

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